We just spent the weekend at the most wonderful Bed & Breakfast in Wallkill Ny with the most wonderful hosts and two very beautiful brides! Hillary & Megan came for a tasting last year and we were thrilled that they chose us to cater for them on the spot! I've heard Hillary explains our food as "Slap your mama good". Joe Can not stop repeating this now! 

I would like to again give my thanks to my crew! Without them, things would not have got done! Jessica, thank you for keeping me hydrated, sane and on track! My dear daughter Daisy, Thank you for being the light of the day and the one I could yell at, James, Thank you for keeping everything organized, all of your hard work never goes unnoticed, Bryan & Danny, my double trouble team, my muscle, you guys keep it rockin every time!! Karen, my best friend, Thank you, thank you, thank you for filling in! Thank you for keeping me straight when my mind was in circles! Alex, the new girl :) thank you for all your hard work and help, we look forward to having you with us more! And last but never least, My soon to be husband Joe, my teammate, my other half, there are no words to let anyone understand how hard you work, without you I just could not do what I love! I love you, Thank you!!!

Thank you Hillary & Megan. We look forward to future BBQ's with you. Thank you Maggie, Audrey & Don, our gracious hosts at Audrey's Farmhouse http://audreysfarmhouse.com/ . We look forward to many many more events at your beautiful home!