Where do I start? I don't think I have ever had so much fun or pressure in my life! I met Ben & Sarah in April at the venue with some sample foods. I walked away from that meeting with the thoughts of this is going to be fun, we just met two really cool people. Over the past few months the anticipation and pressure has built! Finally after months of planning, months of thoughts and sleepless nights (because of my obsessive planning problems), we rolled out of of here on our way to Croton State Park on Friday the 24th. We got there and the only equipment working in the kitchen was 1 stove. Ahh we got this! So Friday was cooking, setting up and list day! Saturday came and we cooked our asses off! Ben & Sarah and there family are amazing people. Always checking on us, and us always checking on them making sure we all were ok and got done what we needed to. And from the moment of show time our team rocked! I want to give my very heartfelt thanks to my team!
Joe Phillips, Smoker extraordinare, without you I don't know what I would do!
Daisy Phillips, you are the light of everyday!
Ann Bouton, my new sister, you kept me calm and focused
Jessie Falon, your head down and what's next attitude was much needed
James Eng, the boy who works through everything with a smile, and who every time you walked by me made sure I was ok! I love you!
Amanda Shaffer, my go to girl who kept things running smoothly, you kept the order!!
Bryan Shaffer, you juggled every job that night like a pro, the very reasons I wanted you there!
Chuck Shaffer, Our Bartender, I don't know what to say but THANK YOU! From Bartending until 2:30 in the am and the second round of food going out, you made the guests night!
And finally.... Danny Lucia, my last minute man! Thank you so much for dropping everything and coming out. And just like Bryan you handled that night like a pro!
My final thanks goes to Ben & Sarah Flemming, it was a beautiful, magical weekend thank you for allowing us to share in your day