We were down south this past week and stopped in Santee SC to a barbecue place we've been to before. 2 years ago to be exact. Since then I have been craving there Tomato Pie, even tried replicating myself. It was pretty good, but not like Chris's. The secret must be that Southern Dukes Mayonnaise!
We were pretty tired and hungry when we pulled in about 7:30. Long drive from Orlando!  But as soon as we pulled in, it felt like home again. The crispy fried chicken is so crispy and tender beats KFC ANY day, lightly smoked pulled pork with chopped cole slaw, homemade bbq sauce, hot and tangy or sweet.....YUM! And of course that Tomato Pie. We sat in the dinning room which is a huge family style room, 6 ft tables that can seat you and other families that care to join. Listened to a lady play her guitar and sing us some songs. She was so good that Penelope got up and jammed! We love this place and will go for years to come. Everyone should check out the Lone Star!!