We arrived at the firehouse about 11pm to start smoking the butts for the following days event. After setting up what we needed and getting the smoker going it was about 1 am before we got the butts in. Joe insisted that I try to get some sleep. Sleeping in that truck was no easy task! So I doze off here and there, tossing and trying to get comfy, when I just said forget about it. I went to check on the firebox and caught Joe sleeping in the lawn chair. It was about 35 degrees out there and he was sleeping! I wish I had taken a picture. The following day, Daisy and Zach had joined us in the early morning to start all the cooking. We made Sausage & Peppers, Baby new potatoes with smoked salt and rosemary butter, Mac & cheese, we husked over 200 ears of corn, Cornbread, all while Joe did the Pulled Pork, Chicken breast & Penne Ala Vodka.A little strange for a BBQ but Tina said thats what she wanted, so we gave it to her, and with Joe pulling things out of the box to cook at home, I forgot he really can cook.YUM! Our niece Andrea came later that morning to help with set up, cooking and to serve on the line. She was a huge help. We really had a great time at Plattekill Fire & Rescue. Tina & Dale Long were great hosts, and had the event planned impeccably. Smooth sailing from start to finish! At the event we got an invite from the Director of the Ulster County Fair to join them next year at the fair, and the Fireman are interested in having High Country Que travel with them to Lake George for the annual Firemens parade to serve the company and 5 others! Which we will be thrilled to do! Thank you so much Tina, Dale and the Plattekill Fire Dept for a memorable event for us here at High Country Que!