Joe and I went up for the I love BBQ Festival this weekend in Lake Placid. Love rolling up into those mountains. Once again you step out of your car in any direction and you can just smell the smoke. Apple wood, hickory and even sugar maple. The festival wasn't as big this year, we stayed for a little while. We sampled some ribs from Cancer Sucks BBQ, and they were real good! It was so hot. We sat under the tent and listened to a young band called Placid. There momentous ballad was awesome. After the festival we decided to take a drive and we came upon a BBQ joint tucked into the side of the mountain. The sign said " The Adirondacks famous lobster & clam bake". Well how can you pass that up? So we stopped! And boy am I glad we did. There's a giant tent with at least 50 red picnic tables lined in rows. You sit with everybody! A great Bluegrass band playing on the stage, people dancing, kids playing on the playground. The experience is on i will not forget! What I would give to have this place. Attached to it is a campground with sites and cabins for rent. I think we may stay on the next trip up!