Joe and I had such a good time at the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party on Saturday! We took Amtrak into Penn Station. Amtrak is always a smooth,comfy, fast ride into the city. When we stepped out of Penn Station we decided to walk the ten blocks to Madison Square Park. I think we may have gotten four blocks from Penn, when the air was filled with the smell of smoke. The smell to me is like coming home. Soothes even the most unsteady of souls. My nose went up and my legs moved faster. Mr. Joe had a time trying to keep up to me, which is funny if you knew our height difference. We got to the park, kids in tow, and it was like stepping onto an old ranch. Smoke in the air, the smell of seared animal flesh, the hustle of  people around us. All the corrals surrounded each booth, every line filled with the hungry carnivores of the city. We meandered through the T-shirt station, then through the sponsor and sample section and finally made it to the street of Pit masters and there crew working feverishly with smiles on the face. I first noticed Ed Mitchell from Raleigh NC. Boy oh boy did I want some of that pulled pork, but the line was so long. So i thought Id wait till things died down a bit and try again. So we moved onto Pappy's booth. Pit Master Pappy was in the crowd answering questions and directing his crew. They put on a good show. A line of five guys one unwrapping the ribs, one traying the ribs, one slathering on there apricot marmalade glaze, one searing the sweetness into the rib with a blow torch and the last one throwing the ribs to the grill guy. What a show, and the ribs were delicious! We also stopped at a booth from Martinville Virginia that had St. Louis style ribs. I forget the name and regret it terrible, cause those were the juiciest, most tender fall off the bone ribs Ive had in awhile. We also had some Brisket from Salt Lick barbecue. Very Very good.Never made it back to Eds, the line never ended!  We relaxed in the park, Daisy fed a begging squirrel some fritos. We rounded out the day by walking  10 more blocks to Times Square were we ended up having dinner at the Hard Rock. May I recommend the Purple Haze drink!